Dont stop…. Keep exploring!πŸ“· #postafteralongtime!

Sorry for late post again! My exams are veryy close now… In few days.

Btw… Hyy! Nature is soo beautiful…agree? Well, when you want to explore new things, the feeling comes from within. And everything has a beauty in it….here is a small piece of work made by me that clearly display my thoughts! Hope you like it!! 🌎

Will try my best to make new drawings and post them in short period of time!! Thank you for supporting me always!


Inspiration I got from Mr. Stephen Hawking….!

For me, he was, he is, and will be an inspiration forever. Maybe he was not able to speak properly, but what he said, always touched my heart. Not only me, there are hundreds and thousands of people who praise him. I know I am not perfect in my work, I know I dont make perfect drawings, but I always got the courage to never loose hope by the words It matters if you dont give up said by him.

He is truly an inspiration for me and for everyone. The drawing above is just a small thing I wanted to do for him from the core of my heart!!

Life is a Beautiful Magnificent thing,even to a Jellyfish..!

Hey again! Apologies for the late post. After few days my exams are starting and as I mentioned in my first post that I am a nerd, it was a little difficult for me to manageπŸ˜‚. But from now, I’ll try my best to manage both!!


Jellyfish! Jellyfish! Jellyfish! Today my drawing is all about jellyfish. Its a weird yet beautiful creature and in my drawing I’ve made it super weird. Hope you like it!