I was shocked when I first heard the news of Australia’s forest fire. And sadly, there is no stopping.

The rate of fire in Australia is continuously increasing and the situation has become a lot more destructive in recent years. According to CNN News, nearly 18 million acres of land have been burned– much of its bushland, forests and national parks, home to the country’s beloved and unique wildlife.

One of the worst part is that there are billions of animals dying in the blazes and flames burning across the forests. Land animals are mostly affected that are mostly birds, reptiles, and mammals, excluding bats. The animals like koala and kangaroo are adversely killed and a huge proportion of their population is widely affected.

Concern for the population of these animals is increasing day by day. Although rain has fallen as a huge relief, there is still a chance that blazes will erupt again. People living there are also fighting for their lives. According to usatoday, the blazes have killed at least 25 people,destroyed 2,000 homes and swept away an estimated 500 million animals.

Fire season in Australia came to its end in December itself but due to the change in climate, this time it is going out of hand. I hope the situation will cool down as soon as possible and Australia will remain as beautiful as it has been, always!

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4 thoughts on “Prayers!

    1. This got me thinking that climate change is particularly happening because of us, humans. But those animals are suffering. All the pictures floating on the internet are sorrowful.
      I hope your words come true and everything turns out to be fine!

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