Evolution in a nutshell!

About 2.5 million years ago, Homo sapiens came into existence thanks to the Big Bang. But what made these creatures so idiosyncratic? The basic reason was their minds. As history speaks, we started our lives from zero i.e, we were not always so distinct from other critters as we are now. It took several generations and millions of years to stand out such a diverse population of other organisms as Humans. If we somehow went back in time about one million years ago, we would spot some quite familiar creatures roaming in the jungle cuddling with the young ones. Who would’ve thought that these “inferior than others” animals would be ruling the earth? As the needs diversified, they began to explore. Not only for them but also for their young ones. Fetching new methods to hunt and keep their broods safe from Mammoths and huge Glyptodons. This kicked started what we call now as The Cognitive Revolution . Now the questions arises; “why other animals haven’t done the same?” they did, but were not able to do as much as Homo sapiens.

The reason behind it was that our brains are connecting our whole body with many neurons that makes up our nervous system. By this, we get the importance of emergence of biology and the elements to know the chemical reaction in it as so we call it as chemistry.

Secondly, “where there is need, there is hope for change”. We wouldn’t have struggled so hard to discover fire or clever techniques to develop new hunting weapons just for fun. Needs aroused so did changes. This helped us to get ahead of the “superior than other”animals. This further leads us to attaining what we call now as Agricultural Revolution . Today, we highly evolved humans are more into the devour of discovery than for the food. As science flourished, humans started to imagine their life as never before. It was followed by the first atomic bomb detonated in Alamogordo to that of ISRO successfully launching Chandrayan 2. It came up with physics and we call as Scientific Revolution .

As all this happend, we became who we are now. We started to make industries, banks, malls, etc. But why? Because we needed them. “Consistently is the playground of dull minds”. Quoted by the famous English author Yuval Noah Harrari.

As things changed, we adapted them. As we adapted them, we wanted to attain more. The hunger for “something new” leads the chain to get continued and eventually sustainability of US.

Thank you for reading!

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