Our voice matters!

“Do you know that girl was wearing shorts when she was raped?”

“You know how she was talking to boys? They were too close.”

One question: Do these things really matter? We talk about Artificial intelligence, better future, developed nation and all, but why are we still in this era in which people say things like that?

A 2 year-old girl was kidnapped from outside her house and was disposed of in a garbage dump. When the body was found, it was decomposed and animals had damaged it.

A 14 year-old boy raped a 2 year-old girl. Police said that the girl has been hospitalized and is undergoing treatment in the government hospital.

The two cases listed above are both done with a 2 year-old. What was their fault? Does it matter if they were wearing short clothes or if they were talking to boys?

The 14 year-old boy who raped her used to play in the streets with other children . The moment he saw that victim’s mother was not in home, he entered the house. When mother came back home she caught him red handed.

Can we imagine what they had suffered from? Can we cure the pain they went through?

All things are interconnected. The way people see girls, the mentality they have.

It is not about feminism, let me clear that first. It is about changing the society and their thoughts. It is in our hands to change the future. It is our responsibility to erase these brutal and shameful actions forever.

We all should raise our voice on these delicate issues. We have a voice, a strong voice which can literally change everything.

At last, I would say that the rapists do not have any right to live. If they will not stop, we have to stop them. Not only by words, but by actions!

Thank you so much for reading! I hope I was able to spread a important message among all of you. We all can stand together to fight these demons!

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13 thoughts on “Our voice matters!

  1. The punishment should be very hard for these type of criminals. I think death is not the punishment rather extreme pain they should feel every moment so that next time before doing such crime, someone has to think 100times

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    1. It is now very important to raise our voice against these issues. I know people like you really care about these problems our world is facing.
      Thank you so much for always supporting! Your words mean a lot to me!

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  2. Absolutely appalling that such things happen. You’re absolutely right, there needs to be a change in collective consciousness, and it takes speaking up and action to make that change a reality. A very poignant, well-said post xx

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