The dead soul


The night sky

The dazzling light of dim moon scream

Touching the sky is a coldblood dream

Loads of cotton balls in the wholesome sky

That in enthusiasm sometimes cry

Firing stones striking the ground

Making the surface more profound

Shining stars gazing over us

As its talking to us with all the trust

This is the story of the black-shed sky

Which shines the desert though its dry!

Image courtesy – Pinterest

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Are we apart?

When the stars shine

You know its me

When the sun uprise

You know its me

When the raindrops patter

You know its me

When the windows shatter

You know its me

So why do you think we are apart?

Away from distance

But connected by heart

Image courtesy- Pinterest

Thank you for reading!

Are monsters real? 😈

Monsters are said to be a negative energy that have a scary face with big teeth showing their cringy smile. But do monsters really exist? If they do, are they really like that?

I think monster exist. But not like what we see in movies, they are inside us. That negative energy is inside us that makes us do things that harm others. I think humans can be the most beautiful and the most dreadful creature!

I got the idea of making this drawing by Pinterest app. I donno who actually created this as it was not mentioned, but thank you bud!

Sia! 🎤

Sia is one of those singers whom I admire a lot. Personally, I love music. So like every music lover, I too have some artists whom I really admire and one of them is SIA. So, I just tried to show my love for her by this sketch. Hope you like it!

Dont stop…. Keep exploring!📷 #postafteralongtime!

Sorry for late post again! My exams are veryy close now… In few days.

Btw… Hyy! Nature is soo beautiful…agree? Well, when you want to explore new things, the feeling comes from within. And everything has a beauty in it….here is a small piece of work made by me that clearly display my thoughts! Hope you like it!! 🌎

Will try my best to make new drawings and post them in short period of time!! Thank you for supporting me always!